The Secrets To Running In The Heat

The Secrets To Running In The Heat
cropped shot of a man in Penguin Dojo no show socks standing on a rock in the desert
Warm sunny days are always fun to enjoy outdoors. Won't you agree? If you're an active person, you'll look forward to more daylight since you'll get more time to work out outside. And if you're a fan of running, don't get discouraged by all the hotness and humidity. Running in the heat can be manageable. You can easily and safely stay active and go running in the heat. Buckle up; we'll tell you all about it.

Running In The Heat Boosts Your Training Capacity

Running in the heat for most is probably a lot trickier than you might think. It requires a certain period of a week or two for your body to adjust to the temperature outside. The heat, however, has great effects on one's training. 
showing a man from waist down running in the heat up the stairs in Penguin Dojo knee high running socks
Research shows that it actually boosts training capacity as it increases the blood plasma volume and muscle force. That will lead to better cardiovascular fitness. Your body will develop tolerance to extreme conditions; thus, the overall core temperature will be reduced. This is confirmed in the following study too. They examined how short-term heat acclimation improves the determinants of endurance performance in hot and cool environments and 5-km running performance in the heat, pre, and post-training. So, even though you might be quickly adaptable to hot conditions, running in the heat and humidity will rapidly heat your body, diverting the blood to the skin. Your muscles will work harder and get less oxygen, meaning you'll get exhausted and dehydrated sooner rather than later.  You won't be able to run as fast as you want, but Mr. Dojo has some pointers for you on how to go running in the heat safely. So, do read on.

Preserve Your Health When Running 

a man running in the heat in the desert
As we already mentioned, running in the heat is hard. Still, it does have its advantages if done properly. Hold onto your butts; tips on how to do just that are coming next. You know that you always have to drink plenty of water and fluids on those hot sunny days. Duh! Especially if you're a runner, you need to stay hydrated at all times since running in the heat makes you sweat even more. So, drink up. To be clear, just water and sports drinks! Avoid running when the sun is the strongest and once you go, make sure you stay in the shadows. Our advice, any park is the best for your running session since asphalt absorbs heat.  As a runner, you need to wear the proper gear. For hot conditions, clothes made of moisture-wicking breathable fabrics will absorb the heat and cool your body. It goes the same if you want to wear a hat or a headband. You can wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.  Extra tip here, before you go running in the heat, apply waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns.

Warning Signs To Keep In Mind When Running In The Heat

sportsman sitting on a pavement drinking water looking into distance exhausted from the heat
Water photo created by wayhomestudio - It's crucial to know your limits and not to push past them. So, if you're still not quite ready to go running in the heat, start slowly and take breaks at shorter intervals. Forcing yourself the first kilometer will only get you lying down in a sweaty mess, not being able to catch your breath. If you notice that your body cannot withstand the heat, stop your exercise and let it cool. You don't want to overheat and suffer from heatstroke or any other heat illness. Watch out for the following signs:
  • Muscle cramps or spasms
  • Sudden body chills
  • Confusion/delirium
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Dizziness 
  • Nausea
If you do experience these symptoms, find a shade, drink plenty of fluids, go home and rest, or even ask for help if needed.

Run With The Penguin Dojo Running Socks

As you can see, running in the heat is safe if done cautiously. To convince you further, we have just the treat for you: the Penguin Dojo Running Socks
cropped shot of a man running in the heat in Penguin Dojo crew socks
You wonder what makes the Penguin Dojo socks perfect for running in the heat? Check out these features:
  • High-quality sensitive stripped rib top and ribbed ankle zone for your comfortable fit. They will give you a second-skin feel. 
  • Round ergonomic shape and seamless hand-linked toe closure for a guaranteed comfort and support every step of the way. A snug fit ensured.
  • Enhanced compressive bands that give the perfect amount of compression. They provide targeted compressive forces in pressure zones. No discomfort when you go running or working out. You need exactly that – cozy feet, especially on those hot days.
  • Their silicone grip. - It's designed, so the sock won't slip down and bundle up under your foot. Every runner dreams about that – a sock that stays in its place.
  • Compression mid arch panel that prevents the fabric from twisting. Heck yeah!
  • Breathable, durable, and eco-friendly materials. So, the secret is out: we care for your feet and the planet at the same time. 
  • Speaking of socks' durability, for sure, you haven't met their match. They have reinforced cushioning heel and toe.
  • Mesh construction and soft fibers that wick the moisture away from the skin. Your feet will stay dry and cool at all times. No sweat, no smell, no blisters. That's what we want when we go running in the heat, right?
  • And, of course, their fun colors and awesome patterns. With their reflective yarn strip, you'll be quite the looker when you take these bad boys out in the park.

The Finish Line

There you have it! Crazy as it sounds, running in the heat can boost your body and increase your exercise capacity.  The heat and its effects can have quite an impact on everyone who loves to run and train. Now, don't get dissuaded by a little bit of sun. This just means you might have to move things around in your schedule and do your workout in the morning or the evening when it's cooler. You'll also have to take some precautionary measures before you go running in the heat, such as staying hydrated, wearing the right gear, not pushing yourself over the limit. So, don't miss out on your workouts. Carry on with your running and boost your experience even more with a pair or two of the Penguin Dojo Running socks. Maybe even ten. Hey, why not?